Pistol Engraving


Below you will find a few examples of our custom pistol engraving.  By no means is this the limitation to the engravings possible, though.  Oak leaves, maple leaves, eagles, animals, emblems, insignias and initials all can be added to give each pistol a truly personal appearance. This is a great way to enhance an already special firearm or can be used to cover flaws and blemishes.  No matter what the reason - the engraving will definitely increase the beauty and value of the gun.


Full pistol engraving prices with scroll or oak/maple leaves on a semi-automatic pistol (75+% coverage)starts at $350 plus shipping. Full pistol engraving with scroll or oak/maple leaves on a revolver (75+% coverage) starts at $400 plus shipping. An extra cylinder to match is $100. For other coverage call or email for prices.

For those of you who are looking to purchase an engraved piece, we often have items listed on Follow this link and search by our seller id "barneyjo" for some great buys.


Cobra 25 caliber derringer with pearl grips 3/4 engraved

Engraved Chinese Mauser

Grizzly engraving on a Smith & Wesson 44 mag model 629 DX

Engraved Luger

View of Engraved Luger from the top

Close up of Engraved Luger

Super blackhawk with custom finish and Maple leaves

Close up of Engraved Ruger cylinder

Deer scene engraved on Henry receiver

Engraved S&W 629


Colt 2000 engraved with Maple Leaves


Engraved Ruger

Engraved cylinder

Custom maple leaf engraving and engraved grips


Colt semi-automatic with scroll

Engraved Ruger

Pistol with full engraving plus engraved eagle and basketweave engraved grips

Engraved eagle

Custom Redhawk with Oak Leaf/Scroll

Engraved floorplate with African hunting scene

Engraved Receiver

Close up of vine and small leaf design

John Wayne modified style Engraving

Engraved Mauser Broomhandle

Engraved Mauser Broomhandle

Feel free to contact us by email.

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